What is a Lifestyle Blog?

LIFESTYLE defines a concept from a word used by J.M. Tolle. In his famous novel, A History of Western Style he introduces the word, “lifesty”. According to Tolle, the word has a double meaning: life and truth. Therefore, he believes that a person who lives a life based on truth will also live a life with integrity.

LIFESTYLE is a social media management application based on the theory of “social life style”. The theory is said to be a principle of psychological life style, because it implies that people are more likely to act according to their habitual patterns. LIFESTYLE uses the framework of this principle to generate content for its users. In fact, LIFESTYLE looks much like a social media site, where it allows its users to upload and share content that they find interesting. However, the key difference between the two is that a social media site typically uses user-generated content and LIFESTYLE feeds selected public figures and other high profile personalities.

LIFESTYLE is also similar to the work of social media management company Weber Shandwick. LIFESTYLE is a web application and app for personal use based on the philosophy of “customization as experience”. LIFESTYLE offers a unique online environment, which enables its users to create and share content that relates to their particular lifestyles. For example, a pregnant woman can search for the perfect maternity wear from LIFESTYLE using her personal taste, while a pregnant man can post his general mood and daily activities on the site. The site also features a “Lounge” area where users can socialize and connect in an open forum.

As one of the fastest growing areas of the online lifestyle, blogs have become a crucial aspect of many people’s lives. Many lifestyle bloggers began their blogs as personal journals before they launched their website on the lifestyle. Today’s lifestyle bloggers use blogs to generate additional income from their home computer. Blogs that are designed to sell products are often hosted on LIFESTYLE. Lifestyle blogs are popular among women and men alike, as they provide a unique outlet for sharing personal fashion and experiences. In addition to hosting LIFESTYLE blogs, some lifestyle blog hosts offer affiliate links and pay-per-click advertising on their sites.

In addition to being a vital component of the online marketplace, blogs offer a unique avenue for retailers and manufacturers to reach out to their target audience. Retailers who feature a lifestyle in their home decor category are able to tap into a captive audience of readers who share the same interests as the retailer. Likewise, LIFESTYLE is a perfect platform for those who create home decor information products such as interior design articles and do-it-yourself projects, which can reach out to a much broader audience.

Lifestyle blog hosts benefit as well. They reap the benefits of increased traffic, a captive audience who shares their interests and a host of advertisers who are eager to reach out to those who follow their trends. For instance, if an online retailer chooses to advertise on a blog dedicated to home decor, the retailer may be able to receive a more targeted audience. Whether a lifestyle blogger is creating a blog to sell affiliate products or offering information for other home decor blogs, the host has the potential to benefit both parties by increasing his or her readership and earn additional income through pay-per-click advertising and affiliate promotions.