Top Trendy Leisure Wear For Fall


Top Trendy Leisure Wear For Fall

In an era of hip hop and razzle dazzle, trendy short skirts seem to be back in fashion. A few years ago when what was in the stores was any sign of trendiness, short skirts were all the rage, a look that seemed to last only for a season or two. This year though, a whole new group of cool young professionals, even the ones who wouldn’t traditionally be classified as “girly” are sporting this type of skirt. So, how did the fashions take a turn for the vintage and then get back to being cool?

One big influence this season has been the leopard print. With the colors having been limited to be more neutral this year, the leopard print is back and it looks great on various lengths, from short and skinny to the long kind. There are also some gorgeous little black dresses with leopard print as the dominant color that are really adorable. Just adding a belt can completely change the look of a leopard print skirt and make it trendier.

Though leopard print continues to dominate the trend because it’s just so incredibly hot right now, there are other tops that have seen a huge comeback this season as well. One of these is definitely the zebra short skirts that are all the rage. They were popular a few years ago, but never seemed to go out of style, until recently. This year, the trend seems to have taken a giant leap forward into the mainstream.

There are also some stunning tank tops with leopard print again this season. This time it seems that they have adopted a much cuter, girly look. Tank tops are always a safe bet for leopard print, but this year there seems to be a real push toward these tops in almost every major outlet store. You can find tops like polo shirts with leopard print, or even cute tee shirts that are in the leopard print colors. If you love your basic tee shirt, you’ll love these tops!

Other staples of womens fashion are also making a comeback this season. Silk and velvet are both popular choices as they are both very warm and luxurious fabrics. These can also double as evening wear and will look amazing with a beautiful jacket or gown. Silk is definitely an option you should consider, especially if you’re looking for a luxurious touch.

And don’t forget about the shoes. There are some gorgeous choices in sandals this season. The satin ones are really cute with a simple dress. But, the classic wedge and stilettos are both very cool, and definitely stylish. And of course, the leopard sandals, with or without the strap are just about perfect with everything.