The Trendy Girls Guide to Fashion

“Trisha Yearwood: Trendy Again” by Trisha Yearwood is the third book in her Bevelstoke series. After her first two books, this newest one gets my highest recommendation. I always love Trisha’s novels because she takes great notes and creates intricate characters that are always interesting. The main character, Trisha, is a member of a prominent family in England that has a reputation for being “rough around the edges”.

As I mentioned before, Trends don’t last forever, but Trisha Yearwood manages to keep her stylishness in fashion with this new series. The first book in the Bevelstoke series was also very trendy but not nearly as cool as this one. Yearwood does a good job of creating an accurate representation of high fashion while still making it entertaining and fun to read.

Trisha has more than just a great sense of fashion. She also knows how to handle her own life as a working mother. This also makes her look appealing to readers who have families. When a young woman has to adjust to being a mother and also be a professional working woman, that can be a lot to deal with. Trisha manages to stay cool and composed despite all of this.

The theme of this novel continues on from the first page as Trisha is introduced to Bevelstoke, a new town built around a grand hotel. Bevelstoke, like most of the towns in this series, are built around a grand structure, as it provides the citizens with everything they need. The town is built around a trend, so if you’re not into the trend, you’re not going to find yourself wasting time in this town.

Once inside of Bevelstoke, a young woman named Ella catches a glimpse of a trend that is quickly fading out of popularity. While some people may call it a fad, Trisha quickly decides that this fad is much more than that. As the name suggests, it’s the best way to get in touch with everyone else in your peer group. When you’re part of the majority that isn’t part of the trend, it’s important to keep up with the Joneses and be fashionable at the same time. If you do both, then you’ll be both ahead of the game.

With some fun and fresh characters, this book is sure to get your attention. If you like high fashion and you enjoy reading about it, then you’ll love this book. The author, Julia Riesel, takes a bit of a twist on the tale and provides a new cast of characters that keeps the readers wanting more. The book is chock full of information, and if you want to know what is next in Trisha’s fashion forward life, then this is the book for you.