The Lifestyle of Vegans


The Lifestyle of Vegans

LIFESTYLE is a term that has various meanings. It is used by many psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists to specify the ways of living a life. In its widest usage, it refers to human activities, practices, values, and attitudes toward the environment. In the more specific usage, it denotes the dominant cultural orientation of any society. The word was first introduced by Austrian social psychologist Alfred Adler in his book, The Case of Miss R. to define the meaning of the individual’s basic character as determined early in childhood.

LIFESTYLE is also used as a synonym of LIVING, which is defined as a period of life characterized by total interaction with others. Both LIFESTYLE and LIVING are usually associated with one another because both lifestyles involve an active involvement in socializing with others. The difference between the two is that the primary focus of a living lifestyle is on living while a LIFESTYLE usually relies on the acceptance of others and the promotion of individual values. This may be reflective of a passive attitude, but in the case of LIFESTYLE, the emphasis on the development of a community is frequently combined with activity.

LIFESTYLE and LIVING are very closely related; in fact, many experts consider them to be one in the same. Both live a solitary lifestyle, and both are focused on the promotion of individualism and self-discovery. Both focus on the integration of self and the community. The differences, however, lie in the methods and goals of the two lifestyles. A minimalist lifestyle, for instance, often precludes the involvement of others in recreational activities, while a vegan lifestyle often includes aspects of both LIFESTYLE and LIVING.

With the vegan lifestyle, individuals derive most of their energy from living a “vegetarian” lifestyle. The philosophy of a vegan is that animals are not people, nor should they be treated as such. Veganism is often associated with an anti-meat philosophy, which opposes the exploitation of animals for food. A number of vegan lifestyle supporters actively proselytize for others to adopt a vegan lifestyle. A few of these supporters have become leaders in the movement for animal rights.

Some vegan advocates have turned to social media as a way to promote the ideals of a LIFESTYLE and a vegan lifestyle. Several groups, including ALFRED adler and Conscious Foodie, have taken up the cause of promoting a LIFESTYLE-type lifestyle via social media. ALFRED Adler, a vegan who lives in Portland, Oregon, is a leader of the ALFED-led campaign, which seeks to bring awareness to the issues of animal exploitation through the promotion of a LIFESTYLE-style lifestyle.

A few other lifestyle blogs, such as those authored by vegan lifestyle bloggers Mattagnone and Rachel Mills, advocate eating as a way of living a lifestyle. They maintain that a LIFESTYLE is not a diet; rather, it is a combination of healthy eating and sensible shopping that yield greater nutritional benefits than could be achieved with a single lifestyle change. The authors of these types of lifestyle blogs draw inspiration and purpose from a variety of sources and combine it all into a LIFESTYLE that they believe is beneficial for humans, animals, and the environment. A LIFESTYLE-type lifestyle is one that promotes living a healthy lifestyle while reducing one’s ecological footprint.