Lifestyle Content – Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Lifestyle Content – Taking Your Business to the Next Level

LIFESTYLE defines a concept that has had profound influence on how the world perceives human beings from the historical past to the present day. The concept is the attitudes, behaviors, and interests of an individual, group, or society. The term was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous 1930 book, The Case of Miss R. With the implication of individualism, the word LIFESTYLE was later adopted by theodor Adolph Wagner in his magnum opus, symphonies no matter which key they were written in.

The Case of Miss R represents a unique situation in which the interests of one woman are separated from those of another in order to focus attention on the distinctive qualities of each. Within this unique setting, an interest in photography is expressed as an art, while the activities and techniques utilized in photography (which include LIFESTYLE) are considered to be a lifestyle. Adler describes LIFESTYLE as an idealistic genre that opposes the conventional cultural values of contemporary society. In essence, it would be considered an alternative to the mass produced, cookie-cutter, fashion media that predominates our everyday lives.

The LIFESTYLE concept was then used by Florence Knoll in their magazine Raine. This magazine would then be marketed and promoted as a way for women to LIFESTYLE without having to leave the house, and without being subjected to rigid schedules that are often associated with working mothers. In fact, photography is described as a lifestyle choice that allows a mother to capture not only the important moments of her children’s growth, but also captures memorable experiences that she may have taken with her on previous vacations.

For this reason, many companies such as Knoll have begun marketing a series of books and DVD’s that highlight a series of different aspects of this lifestyle photography practice. One of these is the Perfect Shot Collection. This is a DVD that showcases some of the most popular photos and images that have been captured by photographers within this particular practice. Within the perfect shot collection, a mother will find many images that are consistent with what is described as a LIFESTYLE. Along with this DVD, many photographers are also offering discounts and promotions for people who would like to purchase this collection of videos, books, and other items.

For those who would still want to take this lifestyle into their own hands, there are several ways in which this can be accomplished. First of all, taking a photograph within a studio may be an effective way to create a LIFESTYLE video. However, since so much work has already been done in terms of marketing and promotion, most people are not willing to pay the high prices that studios can command. Therefore, less expensive options such as the internet, social media, and self-marketing can be utilized in order to promote a business or company’s LIFESTYLE content.

A great example of a company that has incorporated a lifestyle video into their marketing strategy is Wolfee House. The Wolfee House brand was created by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse because he felt the need to create a product that mirrored his personal views and tastes. After successfully launching their website, and then holding their first ” wolfe house party” in order to introduce the product to the public, Wolfee House has grown to become one of the most popular online brands in the menswear industry. In addition to a large selection of clothing for men, they have also developed a number of different programs that feature cooking demos, home improvement demonstrations, and other forms of social media sharing.