Healthy, Tasty, Nourishing – What Can it Do For Your Health?


Healthy, Tasty, Nourishing – What Can it Do For Your Health?

HEALTHY by Design by Gary Null, Ph.D., and Linda Tellington-Kaufmann, R.N. is a book about “The Design of Healthy Living,” a concept that originated in the health care industry. Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a state of full physical, mental and emotional well-being and not just the absence of illness and infirmity. Various definitions have been employed over time for various purposes. The authors lay out a “comparison chart” that shows how health differs from quality of life.

For starters, a person’s health is the result of her “suitability for a particular environment, her innate aptitude for coping with change, and her psychological makeup.” In this book, the authors explain how to balance these three aspects. One way to do that is through a healthy diet, which includes an intake of nutrients and calories in balanced proportions. Proper nutrition is also essential for optimal functioning of all organs and systems and entails eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and in low levels of saturated fat and salt. Eating a proper diet is one of the primary keys to a healthy weight.

The book rightly claims that there are many delicious, nutritious foods that are incredibly healthy for you. It makes interesting and suggestive reading. There are recipes for delicious foods such as tortilla soup with artichoke and cilantro, Mexican rice and beans (such a great idea for a quick and healthy lunch), mashed potatoes with artichoke and carrots, roasted sweet potatoes, and many more. I particularly liked recipes for zucchini and red and green peppers. These recipes were extremely tasty and made me want to eat them again, which is what the book promises.

Eating healthy does not mean eating boring, starchy vegetables that have less fiber than fruits and vegetables. This book makes interesting claims that there are many different varieties of vegetables that are incredibly healthy for you. It also claims that vegetables have certain nutrients which are necessary for good health. The author bases this information on research and scientific information that is available online. I agree that there are some nutrients found in vegetables that are extremely beneficial, but I also realized that there are many other nutrients in foods that are unhealthy or very harmful to your body.

Foods that are healthy, nutritious foods do exist. There are plenty of nutritious foods that taste great and are healthy. The important thing is to eat healthy. You do not have to follow a strict diet, but you do need to eat nutritious foods.

In conclusion, Healthy, Tasty, Nourishing does not sound like a book that will make you lose weight, but it does show you how you can eat tastefully and still maintain a healthy weight. You will find recipes that are healthy and nutritious, and they taste great. The book also explains how you can incorporate vitamins and minerals into your meals so that you always have a well-balanced meal. It also helps you understand the importance of choosing fresh, natural ingredients when making food choices.